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Unless you are walking
from your home or
have a specific reason
that you need to
pick your child up at
the office please go
through the pick up
line. This is the safest
and most efficient
way for us to get all of
our students off campus
safely and efficiently
- Thank you!

McCoy Priorities:

1. Student Achievement 

2. Staff Collaboration 

3. Systems (4 Key Questions)

a. What do the students need to know?

b. How will we know they have learned it?

c. How do we respond when they don't know?

d. How do we respond when they know?


McCoy Mission 

At McCoy Elementary we encourage and inspire children to be lifelong learners and thinkers who experience personal success. We will provide a safe, nurturing environment that promotes respect.


Please don't

text and drive

McCoy Elementary: Where Little Tigers Learn and Grow

McCoy Elementary Where Little Tigers Learn and Grow

Upcoming Events

August 4th -8th - Elementary Registration (Kindergarten parents, please bring in your child for screening).

August 11th - Differentiation Fair for Staff

August 12th - All Staff Training (Return to School)

August 13th -District Meeting 

August 14th - K-3 Meet and Greet

August 15th - First Day of School

October 23rd -24th- Parent Teacher Conferences


Important Information

Returning to School

We will have a meet and greet for all our K-3 grades on August 14th.

Our "Meet and Greet" will include two Grade Level 101 meetings for parents. The first one is at 8:00AM and the second is at 3:00PM (30 min sessions).  Parents are encouraged to only attend one of the sessions in their child's assigned classrooms. These sessions are intended to give parents the "skinny" on how to help your child succeed at school. Otherwise teachers will have open classrooms between 8:45 and 2:55 on August 14th. (So there are lots of opportunities to meet with our wonderful teachers.) 


Kindergarten Registration

Parents please bring your child into the school during registration for screening.  This process is used to help place students and set instructional plans for your child.  


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Attendance Changes Everything

Please bring your child
to school on time!

We have been experiencing a
significant issue with students
arriving at school late. This
causes a problem for the child
and the classroom teachers
as they have to try and catch
up with what has already
occurred in the classroom.
This also applies as students
who are dropped off right
before the bell but have to eat
breakfast. If your child eats
breakfast at school please be
sure to have him/her at
school no later than 7:45 so
that there is plenty of time to
eat breakfast and still get to
class on time.

Check Out

Only persons listed on a student's check out list will be allowed to check a student out of school.  NO SAFETY EXCEPTIONS.  We can not take phone calls to check a student out.  To save yourself time and energy please plan on updating your check out list for the 2014-2015 school year.