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McCoy is a place where “Little Tigers Learn and Grow”.  We are tasked with laying an instructional foundation for the youngest members of our community.  We strongly believe and support the key focus elements of the district: Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, and Collaboration.  To address this we have a system that “works” and “a school that learns”.  This means that each element is expressed in fluid and meaningful ways from professional learning communities, depth of knowledge, zone of proximal development, walk-throughs, and collaborative instructional reviews.   As we navigate the system “that works” we keep in mind the concepts of a “school that learns”.  This means that we are a place where teachers, students, and administration take calculated risks that gently applies a direction “forward”.  As we move forward we call upon a PRAXIS model of systematic thinking to: Look, Think, Act, and Review.  Together we move forward.


The relationships are manifested through parent teacher organization, shared leadership, collaborative PLCs, and detailed and consistent feedback from the site administration to ensure we are tuning up and supporting the very best practices a teacher, an aide, a principal, or a parent can muster. Together we build each other up.  


The rigor is supported by collaborative instructional teaming, walk-throughs, and peer to peer support. There is no time like the present to “give” a child access to the future. Together we gently apply pressure to ensure every child is provided equitable access to learning.

The relevance is addressed by a systematic view in which teams of instructors come together and answer the following questions: What do our students need to know; How do we know they have learned it; How do we respond when they don’t know; and, how do we respond when the already know?  Together we make meaning of our learning.


The collaboration is manifested through shared leadership, team building, and honoring the goal of lifting everyone up at McCoy Ave. Elementary.